Benefit from Reselling Ollo

Commodity Market

Like so many other market sectors, the television and flat screen peripheral business has become highly commoditized and the market dynamics have taken a seminal and irreversible shift with the increasing levels of  transparency in both the sourcing and retailing. The transparency on the sourcing end provided by B2B giants like Alibaba and B2C marketplace sellers such as Amazon have benefited consumers with competitive pricing while forcing many resellers and manufacturers into a spiral of increasingly thin and often non-existent margins.

Amazon's search engine algorithm favors low cost over quality by virtue of the page placements of products. This and similar forces have created a never ending workflow of increasingly less expensive, lower quality merchandise with strikingly similar design characteristics producing little or no margin for the seller. There are perhaps a hundred reputable companies willing to provide this level of quality and design.

The Probable Future

Over the past decade we have seen the rise and fall of the LCD and Plasma and witnessed the death of the CRT. LED makes up the vast majority of the market today. Televisions and flat screens have gotten lighter, thinner, and less expensive as the overall quality has greatly improved. 

This paradigm has now shifted. Televisions are becoming more expensive, much more complicated, and significantly larger. The VESA mounting configurations are now more standardized and smaller. In fact many televisions in the 70" plus range have a 400x400 VESA something unimaginable five years ago. The higher end of the market is growing much faster now then the commoditized end and should continue to do so for at a minimum of the near foreseeable future.

Choose a partner, not a vendor

If the fit is right, Ollo can provide your company with factory direct OEM/ODM services, creative packaging and labeling, superb digital assets, unique proprietary market driven designs and/or custom colors and configurations to improve your bottom line and delight your customers. Contact us today. Let's talk.